Parenting Skills And Values And Cultures: Teaching Moral Behavior To Children

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Cultures have differed on styles of parenting for years trying to ascertain what works best. Some parents are viewed as being tolerant, while there is others whose teaching ways are seen as incorrect. Teaching moral behavior to children is a practice that all parents go through when it comes to bringing up their children. Parents can equip themselves with tools to assist in the process to give them an advantage when it comes to disciplining. Having developed these parenting skills and values, parents can raise children who will choose to make proper, sensible, and valuable decisions. Some readers describe the parenting style of the Walls parents, Rex and Rose Mary, as abandoning, upsetting, and immoral. Although the Walls parents did some shocking …show more content…
She was always having faith in her father that he will come to be better and provide for the family. In the book Rex tells Jeannette that she is his favorite and you can tell in the book because she is always with him. Also, he would always give advice to Jeannette and teach her some of his own morals. In the book Jeannette believes there is a monster underneath her bed and she is terrified. She tells her father about the “monster” and he takes Jeanette with him to find them. They check all over the house and go outside. Rex is shouting and summoning out this monster and Jeannette joins him and begins to yell and scream. Rex wanted to illustrate to Jeannette how to tackle her fears and confront them. This is a very valuable lesson to teach a child and Jeannette learned something that day from her father. “That was the thing to remember about all the monsters, Dad said: They love to frighten people, but the minute you stare them down, they turn tail and run. All you have to do, Mountain Goat, is show that old Demon that you’re not afraid” (Walls 36).
Rex and Rose Mary were not the best parents when it came to morals and showing them a good example of how a parent should act. What they did provide to their family where teachings about life. Their habits as parents were awful, but their method in teaching their children how life really was cruel and strange, but they did learn from it. To Rex and Rose Mary, their teaching ways were the best and most

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