Parenting Regulations Essay

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Jared Raymond
March 14, 2015

Today’s world is nothing like the world our grandparents lived in or even our parents, things have changed with time. The world was so simple and we didn’t have all of this technology to distract us from life. We had freedom, sure, but there were rules that came with that freedom. The norm back then was to find a partner, marry them, move in together, and then have sex and start a family. I feel that is one of the reasons that many of our grandparents are still together and why the divorce right was way down. People were smarter and more mature and thought about things before they did them. Nowadays, people just go out and have sex with whoever they want and it doesn’t matter who you hurt or how many
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And also a reason as to why people should be regulated as to who can have children and who cannot. In order for our country to change, we need to change something. People are taking advantage of Freedom and are running around wildly doing whatever it is that they please, and not fearing the consequences. Bullying is defined as the “systematic abuse of power” (Bullying, 2012). We all have power to do anything, but it is up to the parents to teach their kids how to use that power in a positive helpful way. Instead, they are filled with negative views and thoughts from their parents because their parents also hate the world, or they are being abused at home by those unfit parents. It really never seems to be the child’s fault; they learn from people around them, and the majority of the people they spend time with are their parents. From early childhood development, it is shown that insecure attachment toward your child is linked to bullying. That lack of insecurity can be carried out into relationships in school. A study was given to 856 adolescents as to describe the quality of family life and there were also questions as to who had been bullied and who had bullied other students. The results showed that family dysfunction was greater for the students who

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