Authoritative Parenting: A Literature Review

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Review of Literature
This stage of parenting emphasizes blind obedience, stern discipline, which may include withdrawal of parental affection, and use harsh punishments to control their children with. These parents expect their orders and strict rules, to be followed with unquestioned obedience, to be rigorously obeyed (Feldman, 2014). Authoritarian parents don’t explain the basis for the rules, “it’s commanded, therefore, just do it,” or punishment will occur. It’s a “Because I said so,” environment and “what I say goes” (Boundless, 2016). These parents have high demands, but are not at all responsive to their children. According to Neifert (S, & P, 2011), these parents "are obedience- and status-oriented, and expect their
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They also encourage their children to think for themselves, to develop a sense of independence and understanding that choices have consequences and to consider why the world has rules (Institute, 2016). While similar to authoritarian parents who like established rules that the child is expected to follow, authoritative is much more democratic. Authoritative parents are willing to listen to their children’s questions and be more responsive. These parents are nurturing despite their children’s failures to meet expectations; more forgiving that punishing. These parents are forceful, but not intrusive or preventative (Boundless, 2016). According to Authoritarian and authoritative parenting styles: Which is best?, (2014), this parenting style promotes assertiveness in the child as well as “socially responsible, and self-regulated, and cooperative.” This is your style as parents you listen to your children with love and warmth providing limits and fair discipline, you provide daily structure, and your child understands your expectations (Posted, 2013). Hence, children in these families appear to be well-behaved and successful at school. They tend to be more emotionally healthy, inventive, and socially proficient (Posted, …show more content…
The child’s basic needs are minimally met, and the parents are detached from their child’s life. In severe cases, the parents may even be neglectful and reject the child’s needs (Rosellon, 2016). Baumrind found this style to have the most pervasive negative consequences on all aspects of the child’s life. Sadly, in all respects, these children are the worst where of them become juvenile offenders (Posted, 2013). Most/Lease Effective Parenting Style
While I believe that most parenting styles will cross over into another parenting style, I find that Authoritarian and Uninvolved to be the least effective in all areas of the child’s development. A combination of Authoritative and Permissive seems to be a good balance in parenting styles as long as one doesn’t become too permissive. The Authoritative is probably the best parenting style for an all-around healthy and well-rounded, productive human being.
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