Essay on Parenthood : A Variety Of Life Lessons

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The movie Parenthood definitely taught me that family means everything and is founded upon distinct situations and beliefs. Parenthood taught a variety of life lessons in all different ways. Out of the four family types represented in this movie, none of them had the same situations. Out of all the families, I can relate to the single mother with two children the most. There were many different beliefs shown in the movie Parenthood. In Gill’s family a major notion was being yourself and that expressing yourself matters. I presume Gill strongly believed that your childhood matters and it shapes you for the rest of your life. Considering Gill did not think he had a good childhood, he wanted to make sure he gave his kids the best childhood they could possibly have. Gill’s sister’s husband, Steve, had very different values. He believed that his daughter; although she was only two, needed to learn everything she could. Steve also believed that children learn best at a young age. Their daughter didn’t legitimately have much of a childhood at all. Gill’s younger brother was the son that was most like their dad. He didn’t actually have any values. He didn’t care much about his son, Cool, or anyone else. I conclude the person that wrote this movie put that character in there just to show that all children are different. Not all children end up like their parents; for example, Gill ended up being the opposite of his dad, but his brother turned out to be just like his dad. The last…

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