Paraphrase Of Orange Fruit

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Paraphrase 1
Citrus sinensis, Commonly known as Orange,Is ¼ Pomelo and ¾ Mandarin as it is a mixed breed of the two fruits.Approximately in the year of 2500 B.C. in southeast Asia, northeastern India and southern China where they were firstly made.From India the romans delivered some fresh orange trees to Rome in 1st century A.D. as well as people from north Africa started growing them too.In the year of 1493 in Spain’s Canary Islands to Haiti by the adventurer named Christopher Columbus also delivered some orange seeds to make a farm out of them. Brazil started to produce these orange trees after they were introduced to Panama and Mexico in 1518.In 1513 Florida was the first place in America to have planted orange trees by the Spanish explorer
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Paraphrase 2
Orange peels has different nutrients in it such as protein,potassium,riboflavin,Vitamin A.Orange also has been considered to be a source of calcium such then helps with the bone and tooth health.According to Purdue University Horticulture and Landscape Architecture,an orange fruit that weighs a 100g has 40mg of calcium while the same amount of its peels has 161mg of calcium.
A pigment in orange and yellow fruits and vegetables called beta-carotene that your body can use and it is also healthy for your eyes. It can be converted into vitamin A in your body. The beta-carotene can also be used as an antioxidant.The orange peels contains oil that is used in water-less hand cleaners and soaps. It can clean your skin without harming it with chemicals and it smells good too.

Paraphrase 3
Citrus sinensis can be an antibacterial gel because the Vitamin C nutrient can protect and keep our cells healthy and also Vitamin C is also involved with the production of collagen which is important in the structure and support of the body tissues and organs.This Vitamin can also help with wound healing
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The other thing that prevents your face from getting acne is its citric acid which are strong exfoliators that destroys dead skin cells and cleanse pores.
And these vitamins A and B also guards your skin from the sun but at the same time destroy the vitamins as well.(according to the University of Maryland Medical Center,-”it can be replenished by eating oranges. And due to the vitamin C it also helps your body build resistance towards the sun to protect the skin from damage.

Paraphrase 5
Orange is good for the health as well as for skin care however most of its benefits are in the skin.Orange peels has different uses which are:Bath Oil,Direct apply to the Face,Body scrub and other different uses.
It is very special and useful to people because It has many Vitamins and Mineral that people need for their health that it becomes essential to humans and other living

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