Paraphrase of Gore for Sale Essay

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Paraphrase of Gore for Sale (Evan Gahr, WSJ)

The land is laden with bodies. Gore is far and wide. The afflicted lament and plead for compassion. Others cry out for aid.
It might seem to describe a gruesome part of the Littleton, Colorado shooting, but those playing the computer game Postal simply label it entertainment. Through Postal Dude, the players go wild and butcher everybody they see. On the developer’s website, pride is taken in its realism : “Corpses stay where they fall for the duration of the game -- no mysterious disappearing bodies.” And before they go down, “watch them run around on fire.”
Instead of having to slink about looking for unconventional amusement, if you have a morbid captivation with violence, you need
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Players roam through a maze and make use of every weapon imaginable to kill aliens. (The nail gun is a big hit.) There’s heightened realism because any part of the game can be viewed from any number of angles. It’s possible to bank a grenade of a wall to hit someone around the corner, for instance. Lucky you.
What is happening? Well, among other things, entrepreneurship. Violent video games are a small, but not inconsequential, part of the 6.2 billion video/computer game market. In recent years, they have thrived and become a significant element of youth culture. They are played on gaming consoles from Sony and Nintendo, and over the internet on PC’s where you fight it out with other players.
Every new release promises endless blood and gore, the more people you’re able to maim and kill, the better. An entire subculture is devoted to celebrating criminality through 3D graphics, amazing sound effects, and other hardware-driven embellishments that blur the distinction between reality and fantasy. The game titles speak for themselves -- Blood, Bedlam, Death Rally, and Redneck Rampage.
To merely kill isn’t the goal, it is to kill with glee. Last year, a new joy-stick system promised: “You get better accuracy and control, but what are you going to do with all the extra bodies? Be the first on your block to make your neighbors say, ‘What’s that smell?’ “ Another manufacturer,

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