Sargon's Contributions To Rule Akkadian Empire

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Intro Akkadian Empire is one of the most fascinating civilisations do you know why? Well because Sargon was the first ruler to rule an empire in the world, Sargon was one of the many rulers that ruled the Akkadian Empire. There were five rulers including Sargon. Sargon, Rimush, Manishtushu, Naram Sin, and Shar-Kali-Sharri, were all rulers of Akkadian Empire. Akkadian Empire was fascinating because of its Geography, Government, Economics, Values and Beliefs, Contributions, Developed way of live, Famous people and its Interesting facts. Geography
Akkadian Empire was never really found or located in a specific place but it is known
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Sargon, Rimush, Manishtushu, Naram Sin, and sharkalisharri, were all rulers that ruled Akkadian Empire. Sargon was the first ruler to rule Akkadian Empire, he ruled for 56 years. Sargon was a great ruler, he helped Akkadian Empire grow in many ways. Sargon was known for his conquest of the Sumerian city states in the 24th to the 23rd centuries.Rimish was the second ruler to rule Akkadian Empire.He came into power because Sargon was his son. Rimish was the second ruler. He ruled for 9 years.The third king was Manishtushu. He became ruler because Sargon was also his father. Manishtushu ruled from 2270 to 2255 BC.The fourth ruler was Naram Sin. Nar Sin came into power because Manishtushu was his father. Naram Sin was the fifth ruler. He ruled for 36 years. The last ruler that ruled Akkadian Empire was sharkalisharri. sharkalisharri came into power because Naram Sin was his father. shar kali sharri ruled for 25 years. When you think of kings you think that they make up the punishments and laws and a lot more things but Akkadian Empire rulers did not enforce the punishments and laws establish the Babylonian king enforced the laws and punishments. One example of law is if you were to fiscally hurt someone you would have the same thing done to you like if you knocked someone's teeth out you would have the same done to you. An example of a punishment is if you were to kill a freeborn pregnant woman you were …show more content…
Three of the most important gods in my opinion were An which was later changed has Anu, Anu was supposedly god of heaven which was a very important god for the people that believed. Another important god was Enhil which was later on changed to Bel, Bel was an important god in my opinion because Bel was god of the atmosphere and the wind. The last god that I thought was very important was Shamash, Shamash was a very very important god in my opinion because Shamash was god of the sun. All of this gods were very important to the people that believed that they even did all forms of richuals to show their form of worship. In Akkadian Empire there were all sorts of religions one example of their religions was Ancient Mesopotamian religion (Sargon ruled Mesopotamia and Sargon was also the first ruler of Akkadian Empire). People in Akkadian Empire or in other parts would practices there religion with ancient Mesopotamia, particularly Sumer,Assyria, and

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