Paragraph About My Aquarium

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My aquarium is exquisite and filled with vibrant, colored plants and unique fish. It is a wonderful feeling to come home each day and look at the bright colored plants along with the unique assortment of fish swimming around. The plants flow back and forth as if they are dancing in the water. The fish are unique, and all have different personalities. Sometimes the fish just float in place while other fish are busy chasing one another. Nevertheless, it is an excellent place to spend my time indulging in the wonders of this beautiful creation! I never knew setting up a fish tank was so much work, but I love coming home to experience the beautiful colors and the unique fish that it contains.


I will never
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However, once it was done, it was perfect! I was extremely excited about purchasing the fish, but I had to wait twenty-four hours for the water to settle. During that time, I carefully researched fish and their compatibility with one another. Upon finishing my research, I made my decisions on the fish I would buy. I eagerly ran out and bought guppies with beautiful red and black colors. I also purchased some mickey mouse fish along with some glass catfish kryptopterus, bumblebee gobies, snails in red and black and neons in schools. The next thing I saw caught my eyes! An eel and it was compatible with my other fish. Much to my surprise so was the flounder in the tank next to the eel. I bought many more too, and little by little I filled my tank with beautiful, unique …show more content…
Each day that I come home from work, it is the first thing that catches my eyes upon entering the front door. It stands out like a beautiful piece of art hanging on the wall. It is full of vibrant, brilliant colors that seem to glow like the sunset in a nice array of colors. Perhaps, a rainbow in the sky after a brisk rainfall in the background of a bright blue sky! It is wonderful watching the fish in their surroundings. Sometimes they make me giggle, but most of all it is a peaceful atmosphere. It is beautiful, and it is my

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