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How to Listen to Music We all listen to music based on our separate capacities, this is different with each person. Listening to music means perceiving and understanding what happens in the music, you are listening in an active sort of way. The technique will be similar in each individual no matter what type of music they are listening to. They have so many different ways was to listen to music some start with listening to the first sentence or skipping through the song to listen inattentively. In writing this I’m going to show you there are other great ways to listen to music in sensuous plane, expressive plane and sheerly musical plane. The first stage of listening to music is the sensuous plane. This is when we listen to music simply …show more content…
This plane is mostly used when musicians, conductors, critics and judges listen to music. This plane is the actual notes of the music and their manipulation by the musician. This mode in sheerly is informative display of beliefs with a hint of persuasion to those beliefs. The intended audience are those who are involved in music in any way, such as musicians, composers, or listeners. In purely musical plane, you can separate the music into elements such as tempo, pitch, dynamics, chord analysis and many others. This plane contains all the jargon as well. At this level, the listener attend to matter of form and structure in order to follow the line of a composer’s thoughts (University of Calgary 2). When listening to music exploring the plot and following the development is listening on a sheerly musical level. This is the least common plane experienced by listeners. Lots of people don’t even know this plane exist because they are not use to identifying with the temp or pitch when listening to …show more content…
When listening to music we tend to just listen to change our moods instead of really listening to the lyrics. I’ve learned in writing this to listen to the music and appreciate the true meaning behind each piece. Copland is talking about how passively or actively one listens to music. To me the main purpose of this writing is to express Copland 's beliefs and get the reader to explore a new idea, the expansion of music in general. He does this by presenting this interesting idea of 3 planes to his audience and then expanding on that. Copland uses logos to persuade the reader by using real life example and logic. For example, he talks about how Stravinsky, Beethoven, and Tchaikovsky look at their music and how listeners decipher their music. Also, Copland brings up the question listeners may ask ourselves: "Is there a meaning in this music?" How we listen to music is being challenged by one of the best composers to get us to stop and realize. He opens our minds to accepting other ways to listen to music. One way is just to listen to the music but not by the sound. Second way is to listen to how the music makes you feel and paint a visual picture. The third and final way is to listen to the music and dissect it on different levels from what you

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