Paragraph About Human Trafficking

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Human trafficking is considered to be one of the biggest crimes in today 's world. It exists today even though people don’t realize it. One issue that really stuck out to me when taking this course is the issue of human trafficking and how it has effected the world. You may ask, why does this matter so much to you? Well this is an underlining problem that nobody seems to take seriously. Human trafficking has affected several women, men, and even children. Human trafficking refers to the transfer or receipt of an individual from one place to another through means of threat, deception, or power or abuse (Chuang, 2006).
Human trafficking exploitation is meant for carrying out activities of slavery, forced labor, servitude and even
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The victims are beaten and physically abused so that they get indulged into such activities. As a result, they get impacted with sexual torture, inadequate diet intake and sleep deprivation (Chuang, 2006). There is a need to overcome this biggest challenge of the society.
The government, security agencies, other concerned authorities, and people need to get united to fight against human trafficking. This report will discuss the major issues of human trafficking, factors that cause human trafficking, and providing recommendations to overcome it. It will provide a better scenario of human trafficking and hence, necessary steps can be taken to better this
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There are even young girls that are forced to take part in the human trafficking activities. It is referred to as child prostitution business, which is yet another major crime found in today 's world.
The international conventions are considering Human Trafficking as a violation of human rights. As per one of the statistical records of the European Union in 2010, human trafficking is representing $32 billion of international trade per annum. It is considered to be one of the fastest growing businesses for criminal organizations.
However, this activity differs from smuggling and robbery, as it involves a person hiring another person and then transporting them across the international border. People are transmitted through illegal channels, either through force or deception. By now it should be evident of this issue and how passionate I am on the matter. It is even considered to be one of the major crimes since one cannot smuggle people. Transporting people on an illegal basis includes violation of the victim’s rights.

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