Paragraph About Chinese New Year

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Chinese New Year
The Chinese New Year is a very important celebration in China or the “Lunar New Year” as it’s called in other Asian countries. The Chinese New Year is the fifteen day of the lunisolar calendar this calendar method is based on the moons orbit around the earth while our calendar is based on the earth orbiting around the sun. The lunar New Years falls on the first new moon between January twenty-one and February twenty. It has been a tradition for centuries, it began back in the fourteenth century B.C. The mythology behind the Chinese New Year , it started with a beast called Nian that was menacing the village, so the villagers put food in front their houses to try to stop the Nian from eating the villagers. The myth says that
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Red the color for good luck and fortune, for happiness and joy, this is the color used in special occasions in China; therefore is highly forbidden to use this color on funerals. There were some of the Chinese students at a table greeting everyone that came through the doors and asking them kindly to sign in on a sheet of paper, and they had some red bracelets on the table that you could put on, the bracelets had different word written on them both in English and Chinese. As I walked in farther into the conference center I felt as I had transported to an actual Chinese new year festival. The room was filled beautiful music; even though, I could not understand it, but the sound of it made it seem as if I were in China. The delicious smell of the Chinese cuisine, and it’s rich culture was everywhere you …show more content…
Yoder. As I talked to her and asked her about the Chinese New Year event and how it came to be. She told me that it was actually founded by Chinese students the year before, “The students felt sad that they had to come to school on such an important holiday for them” said Mrs. Yoder. “ I fully understands them, how is it that for our New Years we get to spend it with our families, and they had to be in school?” They talked to the faculty committee and got approval to celebrate it in School as well as teach and educate other student on their culture. The main organizers of the event were the students. They planned everything, and distribute the responsibilities among

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