Essay on Panama, Mexico, And South America

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Panama is one of the twenty-one Spanish speaking countries. The country is located in Central America and links Central America to South America. The country borders Colombia, Costa Rica, and South America. One of the features of the country is the mountain ranges; San Blas, Talamanca, and Tabasara. One of the geographical tourist attractions is the sandy coastlines and multiple beaches. The Eastern part of Panama is populated with swampy rivers, thick jungles, humid rainforests, and lowlands that lead into the mountain peaks. As many as a hundred small rivers drain in and out of mainland; San Pablo, Santa Maria, Chepo, and many more. The Northern coast is lined with small islands that extends to the Southern coastline. One of the most known of the small islands is the Pearl Islands on the southern coast. (Panama Geography).
Panama’s climate mainly has a humid, tropical temperature. Due to the climate changes, the country has two seasons: wet season and a dry season. Also, multiple natural disasters like hurricanes and tsunamis occur throughout the seasons. (Climate in Panama). Many of the climate changes occur because of the country having two coastal lines. The Caribbean coast has an all year climate, while the Pacific coast goes through the Dry Season; January through April. Majority of the Caribbean coasts has tropical rainforests and sixty to one hundred forty inches of rainfall. The Pacific coast is made up of tropical savannahs and has a rainfall of forty-five…

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