Essay on Panama Canal And Its Effect On The Economy Of Panama

1057 Words May 9th, 2016 null Page
In the summer of 2013, I was overlooking the Panama Canal from its bank, watching some of the largest cargo ships in the world glide through with ease. At first glance, this was all I and the other students I was with saw. Then our tour guide asked us to think about the intrinsic value of the Canal. He illustrated to us the billions of dollars in revenue the Panama Canal brings in every year, the tens of thousands of jobs the Canal provides for Panamanians, and described how the Panama Canal has become a symbol of national pride since acquiring it from the United States in 2000. Throughout the remainder of my stay in Panama my research was focused on Panama Canal and it’s effect on the economy of Panama. At the conclusion of my semester in Panama, I knew I wanted to continue to study policy and how policy can empower a community and even a nation. I am applying to the University of Louisville School of Urban Affairs to obtain my Masters of Public Administration and Masters of Urban Planning in order to further understand the complex nature of public policy and use the knowledge I obtain to uplift society. The University of Louisville’s School of Urban and Public Affairs is the best school for me to continue my education because of the urban environment and emphasis I am looking for along with the ability to specialize across the Public Administration and Urban Planning programs. Having a deep understanding of urban policy along with community and economic development would…

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