Pan- Europa Foods Essay

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Contents Pages 1. Executive Summary 2 2. Issue Identification 3 3. Environmental and Root Case Analysis 4 4. Alternatives and Options 6 5. Recommendations 10 6. Implementation …show more content…
During the recommending stage, the strategic acquisition of another company proposal was dropped due to high cost and high risk. This allows the other 5 to all be implemented. The eastward and southward expansions are risky especially doing them at the same time however Pan Europa Foods needs to expand to get out of saturated and into new markets. The company also need to keep things fresh with new products lines even with the risk of failure. The snack foods line could be a great way for gaining more revenue from new buyers and old customers. With a new inventory control system for Pan Europa Foods it gives them an update to the current methods across all lines of production. The changing regulations to the environment make water treatment a main project. There is a timeline of 3 years to complete the change but the price to change the current system will go up in the future compared to what it is now.

Implementation will start in the next quarter with main proposals of market expansion east and south to be pushed ahead of the the other options because of the the larger scale. The other three proposals will soon follow. Eastward will have more focus on creating brand awareness to compete with the current competitors. Southward will focus on advertising and pricing strategies to create an interest and appetite for the products. The water treatment equipment will be purchased and installed in the necessary

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