Pakistan 's Policy Paper : Pakistan Policy

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Pakistan Policy Paper

It has been brought to the attention of the United States Government that we need to patch up our international relations with the country of Pakistan. Oversees on their sandy hills, our nation is viewed as an enemy. Our flags are burned, and ways of life severely frowned upon. Our end goal is to revise this view of our nation in their eyes, while at the same time helping this troubled place get back up on its own feet. This can be done not only politically, but economically, intellectually, and many other ways. The following text provides a detailed description of each way we plan on bettering our relations with Pakistan.
Even though the political situation in Pakistan seems to be stabilizing in its democratic government at the present, it’s past of imperial rule and political instability make it’s politics very volatile. Regardless of the potential for turmoil we need them to be receptive to American foreign policy and for their support of the war on terror. It is imperative that we keep them from harboring any more terrorists as they have in the past. Osama Bin Laden was found in a compound less than 0.8 miles from the prestigious Pakistan Military Academy. This raises questions about how much the Pakistani government is really supporting America’s war on terror. They might be deliberately opposing American intentions or they may just be really unaware of what is happening in their country, neither of these options are optimal in the interests of…

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