Painting And Painting As A Form Of Art

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Painting/drawing has been around since prehistoric times and stretches threw every culture on earth. Painting and drawing are a form of art in which the artist produces works of art to be appreciated by the viewer for their beauty or emotional power. For centuries, across cultures spread around continents the history of art/painting has been growing in an ongoing watercourse of genius and creativity that still continues in today’s twenty first century world. Before the coming of the twentieth century the main focus of artists where representations of religious and classical concepts but in time abstract and conceptual art started to gain more favoritism (Bruce).
Two of the biggest giants and most influential artists of the twentieth century
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Picasso was inspired to make this painting when he went to a museum of ethnographic in which it had African sculptures he tried to combine the angular structures of the “primitive art” and his new ideas about cubism (Voorhies). This new stile had a lot of mixed reactions from his viewers some of Picassos fellow artists were horrified and disappointed in his new style of depicting African Americans in his new cubistic form and others were mesmerized and very interested in this new way of painting. Another one of Willem de Koonings paintings is called “Woman/Verso: Untitled” this particular painting is one of his surviving painting from his women series: year 1948. He used a lot of different materials in his painting a lot of his paint was specifically made in his home other things he used were Oil and enamel it was also painted on a fiberboard. Picasos painting on the other hand was created on a large canvas and used oil paints. Each of the five femails in Picassos painting are depicted in a different confrontational positions and all of them are not conventionally feminine. Koonins fameil is depicted the same way, both of the artists are depicting the women in a very sensual way. They also use a lot of sharp edges, line, shape and a mixture of colors. In picasos painting three of the women are shown with African mask-like features and the other two exhibit facial features in the Iberian style of Picasso 's native Spain (Voorhies). Picasso did this particular painting to experiment with cubism, African culture and the women body. Kooning painting on the other hand shows pain and violence tuords women. In this painting Kooning paints a spikey sun that some how seams to be attacking and eroading the face of the bewildered upword gazing woman. The look of the knife like sun seam like a personification of stron feelings like pain or

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