PESTET Analysis: SWOT Analysis Of Wal-Mart

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SWOT analysis denotes the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to a business. This is a tool that locates a business in the environment on which it operates and both the internal and external capacities versus threats. All these factors are based on the business environment.
Wal-Mart identifies its brand name, its vast establishment, and resources, a large customer base, huge presence and excellent locations, a huge workforce with a wide range of skills and the latest online marketing among other as its main strengths. The main strength that stands out most is the inclusion of all income groups in the product and service line which enables every market segment to fit as a customer.
The low prices are value added by the
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These are external factors which are analyzed in relation to business operations and organization and its responses in terms of actions and reactions to these factors.
Conducting a PESTLE analysis for Wal-Mart illustrates the success and development, including the daily management of an individual store in line with their strategic decisions. Without these external factors, it is impossible to manage any business. The main reason for a PESTLE analysis is because Wal-Mart as a multinational has different locations locally and internationally, the target market is not segregated but includes all income levels and finally, they deal with food and nonfood products.
The Market
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This market structure has evolved over the years and is still prone to change as the multinational continues to grow. The monopolistic nature is in the operation of many stores that provide its customers with services and products while the oligopoly structure comes as a result of the retailers who are in the chain and provide their services to customers. On the other hand, it is important to note that the retail giant is not affected by the several retailers within its market, which minimize the threat of competition. The monopolistic nature of its operations comes out clearly after opening a new store which forces competitors out of the market within a short time (Lin, 2015).
As indicated above, Wal-Mart has over the years changed its market structure in line with the market changes. With the changes in the labor market, the company has tried to automate its operations in order to minimize the cost of labor. However, due to the nature of its operations, it is forced to employ technologically enlightened staff in order to lower its cost of production. This can be defined as the cost of leadership strategy which focuses on lowering cost of production. Accordingly, it uses high-quality raw materials which in turn give results in high-quality

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