Ppac Case Study

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Introduction and Purpose of Paper
PAC a small business located in the upper Midwest builds high quality special equipment for a niche market the company founder created. PAC prides itself on American built components never offshoring manufacturing company production. The company sells eighty three percent of its specialized components to a single manufacturer in the IT market. In the current down turn of the world economy and declining sales PAC must take actions to maintain its current position in the market. PAC sales were misrepresent in the two previous quarters accounting for sale that were never contract and created inflated sales in the general ledger. These factors have dictated for first time in the company history a hiring freeze
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PAC also faces two possible substantial court cases involving sexual harassment of an employee an unfair labor practices from a fired employee. The sexual harassment law suit stems from an employees who claims she reported two incidents to PAC HR but no actions were taken. Previous incident along with the two possible court case has spurred unionizing among PAC employees. Unionizing is a major concern for PAC leadership when decent within the ranks of the employees is expressed its never goes away. PAC must increase its ability to communicate with employees, policy of leadership to management and employees and employee concerns to company leadership. PAC sales must rebuild it representation with the company, the sales department carried two false sales of components on the company’s books for two consecutive quarters. The sales department was mention as a reason why the company needed to reduce its work force because of the non-contracted sales. The sale department must develop new markets for PAC IT components, likely candidates for market development are Canada and European counties. PAC has a niche in the IT component market providing eighty three percent of its specialized components to a single manufacturer, PAC needs more customers. The sales staff and overall company work force is highly skilled and well compensated. PAC take a survey of the market every three tears to ensure their salaries are competitive. The current state of PAC’s management and leadership, performance management, and training require revitalization to remain competitive as an IT specialized components

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