Essay about Overpopulation Is A Global Concern

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Human overpopulation refers to a situation where the number of people living within a specified geographical area exceeds its capacity regarding the available resources. When the population exceeds the resources then, there will be some problems that range from social, economic and health. Today, overpopulation is a global concern, given the adverse environmental implications of the phenomenon. Recent demographical studies done in 2009 found the world population to be 7.1 billion people and forecasted a possible growth of 2.4 billion by 2050. Countries such as China, India, and the USA are the global population leaders with a population of 1.34, 1.25 and 0.32 billion people respectively (Trevors 113). Many nations and non-governmental organizations have put in programs to promote birth control and family planning. The increased funding for such programs is aimed at curbing the ever-growing population especially in developing countries where available resources do not match the demands of the exponentially growing population. Family planning programs will help solve the current global problem of overpopulation.
Technological advances in health care have led to an improved and rise in life expectancy (Tsialttalos). Access to quality health care is responsible for population growth trends that have been realized in the world. Extensive illiteracy in family planning is a great contributor to human overpopulation (Tsialttalos). Traditions in societies of such individuals still…

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