Essay on Overcoming Test Anxiety

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We go to class every day, do every bit of our homework, study for hours and think we have a strong grip on our material, until the day of the test comes. As soon as you get in the room you suddenly begin to blank out, freeze up, zone out or feel so nervous that you can’t get yourself together to respond to those questions that you knew the answer to when you were studying. If any of you have ever experienced these symptoms you may have a case of test anxiety. This is not a feeling that is impossible to overcome, it is going to take some practice, but eventually when a teacher mentions a test you won’t get that sick feeling anymore. You should begin by preparing yourself very thoroughly. You should organize the information that you know …show more content…
Begin to get yourself in a relaxed state of concentration. Students who have not prepared and have a negative outlook on the test can strike up your anxiety so try to avoid talking to those students. When the test begins read all the directions carefully and check to see how many questions there are. Budgeting your test taking time can help you relax. Some questions you will just naturally go blank on skip that question and go on, there’s no reason to start to panic, maybe a later question will help trigger your memory. When other people in the class begin getting up and turning in their papers, there is no reason to begin panicking, it doesn’t mean that you don’t know the material as well as they do. If panic does set in during the test take a few deep breaths, studies have shown that breathing exercises help reduce testing anxieties. Try using a little bit of positive reinforcement tell yourself that you are doing your best, and try the as best as you can to not think about how scared you are. Keep your focus on the test and think about what your next step should be. Remember that a little anxiety during a test is normal everyone wants to do their best, but try and keep it to a manageable level. As soon as your anxiety goes too far it starts to interfere with the outcome of the test and that is not something that we want after studying for so long. After the test go and write down all of the things that you did to help you remain calm and build on these.

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