Overcoming Love Addiction : One Apple Martini At A Time Essay

1082 Words Apr 7th, 2016 5 Pages
The statement ‘relationships can teach us about ourselves, thereby helping us to grow as individuals can be justified to be and true in that romantic relationships can act as a catalyst for individuals to mature in regards to their behaviour in relationships and in their understanding of themselves. Two texts which explore this concept are Overcoming Love addiction (article) and 500 days of Summer (Film). The texts utilise their plot lines and a variety of stylistic techniques to demonstrate the validity of the statement. Overcoming love addiction: one apple martini at a time (New York Times, 2015) by Peter De Marco details his philosophy on love in the modern age. Written with candidity the text explores how the author finds himself in ‘love addiction’, an addiction ‘as serious as heroin or alcohol’. These experiences are discussed in the article as times in the past where he has invested too much into relationships and has been addicted to the affection of romantic partners. There is slight self-deprecating humour written into the article, the author poking fun at his own past woes (including his self-pitying drinking) whilst still exploring how his behaviour and his experiences have allowed for his self-reflection and growth as an individual. The author begins to invest time into himself, focusing on his individual betterment and his personal career, changes brought about by his previous engagements in relationships. Through the exploration of fate and destiny’s…

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