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Global Business Strategy Plan Outline

* Team Members

* Overview * Executive Summary * Country Factors * Political and Legal * Economic * Cultural * Competition and Market Opportunity * SWOT Analysis * Business Objectives * Strategic Thrust * Tactics * Measurement of Results

* Executive Summary * Introduce your product and region. * What specific market are you targeting and what revenues do you hope to achieve? * How will you achieve success? * What are the key country factors that impact (positively and negatively) success of your entry? * Why is this opportunity important for your company?

* Country Factors: Political and Legal
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* Market Opportunity * What is the total market size of your target market? * What are the major components and growth rates? * Why is this market attractive?

* SWOT Analysis: Implications * Given these country factors, describe the implications on your business as follows: * Internal Strengths and Weakness * External Threats and Opportunities

* Business Objectives * What do you want to achieve by entering this country? * Revenues * Share of Market * Other non-financial measures such as brand loyalty, distribution networks, political objectives, etc.

* Strategic Thrust * Given these country factors and your business objectives, how do you intend to enter this market? * Export/Import * Strategic Alliances * Franchising * Licensing * Joint Venture * Internet * Other * What are the benefits, costs, and risks of your chosen approach over others?

* Tactics: Human Resources * How will you address the following: * Recruiting and staffing * Training and development * Managing performance * Compensation and rewards

* Tactics: Financial Risks * What are the key areas of financial risk and uncertainty given your strategic thrust? * Economic * Currency * Foreign investment * How will you address these risks?

* Tactics: Products and Services * Describe the product or

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