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Alexandra Frizzell
MGT 611
1st Outline


Companies being considered: Xarisma, Target

1. Customer Relationships Management: structure for how relationship with customer is developed and maintained; PSA is created
* Is it easy for employees to use?
* How do you measure the success of the CRM system?
* Can the system expand as your business grows?
* What decisions does management make based on CRM data?
* Does CRM fall more to sales or marketing in your organization?
* How easy is your system to adopt and what are the training options?
* What are the benefits to your business of investing in CRM? (Higher customer retention, improved sales productivity, improved efficiency between
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Means customer is a direct source of data
* What are your long-term planning requirements, especially in case of demand with high seasonality or long-term changes (i.e. sustained growth)?
* How do you handle internal or external events that disrupt the balance of supply and demand?
* How do you measure and monitor performance of this process? (Forecast error, capacity utilization)
4. Order Fulfillment: requires integration of firm’s manufacturing, logistics, and marketing plans; aim to reduce delivered cost to customers; O.F. team is responsible for preparing shipping documents, transmitting delivery confirmation, and auditing and paying the freight bill
* How do you determine how orders from various customers or segments of customers will be filled?
* How do you meet all customer expectations? (Do you communicate with customer relationship management for this?)
* How do you define the specific steps regarding how customer orders are: generated and communicated, entered, processes, documented, picked, delivered, and handled post delivery?
5. Manufacturing/Service Flow Management: deals with making products and establishing manufacturing flexibility needed to serve target markets
* What are your manufacturing capabilities and constraints (i.e. minimum batch size and cycle time, labor expertise needed for manufacturing,…

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