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Outline Structure I. Introduction A. Thesis: The use of drone strike’s is morally and ethically sound based on evidence that shows drone warfare saves American lives, are just as accurate as conventional air strikes, and save tax payers millions of dollars. II. Body Paragraph 1: The use of drone strikes has enabled the United States to neutralize thousands of terrorist targets without direct threat to American lives. B. Supporting evidence: 1. Explanation: You cannot put a dollar amount on a human life, however a U.S. military pilot has millions of dollars of training invested in them and the aircraft to make combat aviation safe. Look at the F-35 program for example it is highly experimental and has …show more content…
II. Body Paragraph 1: The medical cost associated with weight-related issues has significantly contributed to individual taxes. B. Supporting evidence: “…the costs of obesity arising from individuals’ poor nutritional choices are borne by society as a whole through taxes, lost productivity, and an overburdened healthcare system. In 2008, the medical costs associated with obesity and obesity-related illnesses totaled US $147 billion in the United States” (Franck, Grandi, & Eisenberg, 2013, p. 1951). 1. Explanation: This quote demonstrates not only the connection between obesity, medical costs, and increased taxes, but also shows the exact dollar number costs from a fairly recent year. 2. So what? This quote supports the claim that weight-related medical issues contribute to increased taxes for all taxpayers by explaining the connection and demonstrating the high dollar costs to show that this is a current problem affecting a government process (taxation) and therefore could appropriately be addressed by government intervention. III. Body Paragraph 2: Another reason that weight should be considered a governmental issue is that the market for unhealthy food in America has overtaken the general food market and the government needs to actively curb the incentives to frequent these establishments. C. Supporting Evidence: “[M]eals are increasingly being consumed outside the home, and these meals tend

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