Outline the Factors Which Contribute to Low Health Expectancy in Developed Countries. Identify and Assess Possible Solutions to Reduce This Problem.

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Outline the factors which contribute to low health expectancy in developed countries. Identify and assess possible solutions to reduce this problem.

Health expectancy is “the number of years a person can expect to live in good health”. (New Zealand Ministry of Social Development, 2010). It reflects concern about the quality of life. Furthermore, low health expectancy means that people live in poor health which is affected by diseases and disability. Many factors contribute to low health expectancy, including smoking and obesity. Society should pay more attention to solve these problems to increase health expectancy. This essay will outline the factors which lead to low health expectancy, and then discuss the possible solutions to reduce
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Furthermore, according to WHO (2012), obesity is the main reason which causes cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and several types of cancer. That means overweight people are expected to have a low health expectancy.

To solve the problem of obesity, the solution could be considered from three aspects. The first aspect is at the individual level, people should reduce the energy intake from total fats and take regular physical activity to prevent overweight, because obesity is caused by high-energy food intake and lack of physical activity (WHO, 2012). But obviously, this need people have a strong self-control, also diet and excessive exercise may be able to cause the other health problems. The second aspect is about the food industry, the main source of the high-energy food is processed food. Therefore the food industry should reduce the content fat, sugar and salt in processed food, and try their best to provide fresh food, such as fruit, vegetables and nuts. However, the more healthy food will bring about higher prices, and then people will spend more money to improve the quality of their food. The third aspect is about the government and social organizations. The Government has a responsibility to help people to improve awareness of the prevention of obesity and to build more public exercise facilities. In terms of social organization, they should cooperate with the Government to implement the policy about obesity. For example, the advertising industry should

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