The Importance Of School Psychology

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Education, for me, has been an integral part of shaping who I am while also giving me the strength to overcome obstacles and understand my surroundings. I believe in its power to both shape and restore the foundational elements of an individual and society. However, with an increasingly complex landscape with even more difficult challenges from a biological, psychological, social, and economic standpoint, it is becoming all the more difficult for such a powerful source to be equally available to all. I’ve always been drawn to a career to promote growth whether through the arts or in this case, education, and have evolved this sentiment into a more earthly realization, fulfilling in its approach in the field of School Psychology.
Oddly enough,
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My previous experience in mobilizing film crews combined with my general love of working with people was what made this position most appealing. My priority was to stabilize and coalesce a staff into a productive and thriving team not just for sales but also for the overall morale of the unit. In doing so, I created an environment where rather than being reprimanded for poor job performance, it became an opportunity for improved communications and development making way for a safe space sourced for discussions about problems concerning school, family, money, friends, relationships, and things that went beyond the four walls of the restaurant. In doing so work performance improved, turn over rate was reduced to less than 5%, and the unit became one of the top leaders in customer satisfaction in the region, effectively increasing sales by more than 25%. However, I found myself particularly committed in providing counsel or support especially in ways of education and guided those interested in finding ways to continue their education and even saw those go beyond to pursue graduate degrees. It was my working with people from a variety of backgrounds on all levels …show more content…
Some of the services included after school tutoring, clinical services, prevention education, and day care centers. I worked with Advancing Youth through Community Empowerment, where I tutored middle and high school students supporting their educational needs. It was there, that I was able to grasp the more holistic breadth of their educational pathway and the need for resources to guide them through academic, social, and emotional growth. While interacting with the kids, I was able to slowly understand the challenges they faced dealing with matters seeping into their personal lives and biological/psychological tendencies. While supporting and teaching kids on their various assignments or class subjects, I became acutely keen on their learning progress and the ways in which they could either become more ingratiated into the educational system or conversely skewed away from it. I also participated in the Enrichment & Academic Development (LEAD), which focused on mentorship and a specific aim to guide students’ academic success. There, I mentored students on homework, assignments, guiding them through the college application process, leadership development, community engagement, while at the same time listening to some of the daily struggles the kids faced. One of kids at the time was

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