Outline Of My Philosophy Of Ministry Essay

1160 Words Dec 10th, 2016 5 Pages
Next semester, I will be leaving Regent University to obey God 's call to enter the field of ministry. Primarily I will minister through film and personal interactions with unsaved people. To achieve this, I must have set philosophy of ministry that helps guide me in the next stage of my life. This paper, then, discusses seven key components of my philosophy of ministry and how they will influence how I minister. First, this paper discusses who God is. Next, it addresses humanities specific needs and how they relate to ministry. The third section of this paper defines what ministry is. Fourth, I present ministry programs that will address humanity’s needs. In the fifth section, I discuss my calling, purpose, passion, talents and life experiences that equip me for ministry. The sixth section discusses the values and convictions that I will use in making decisions about specific ventures in ministry. Lastly, I discuss the Characteristics that I will endeavor to cultivate in my post graduated life.
Who God Is In order to properly serve in ministry, one must have a proper view of God. Without true beliefs, someone can run the risk of serving or teaching in the name of a distorted version of Yahweh. Thus, I believe that God is one, transcendent, omnipotent, immanent, and triune.
First, God is one. According to Hart, “God is simple in that He is not a composite of parts. He is one God, indivisible.” In other words, God is not separated into different entities or…

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