Outline Of An Understanding Of Beachbody 's Programs And Supplements

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Building Rapport
A. Personalize the call throughout as appropriate and inject your personality. The customer is not just buying a product they are also buying an experience; the experience your personality creates

B. Establish and Build Rapport
i. When requesting and confirming information with the caller ii. Discussing the caller’s goals and probing iii. While offering the upsells

C. Share your personal experiences or use someone else’s that relates to the caller’s goals
i. Demonstrate an understanding of Beachbody’s programs and supplements ii. Become comfortable with the customer to challenge their objections iii. Relate to the caller’s personal objectives and encourage the caller to succeed by reinsuring them that the product they are purchasing will help them reach their goals iv. All dead air time should be minimized and managed by the agent

0 Agent does not meet elements A - C of the standard
8 Agent meets elements A - C of the standard

Building Value Standard
Description: Clear communication and honesty is the foundation to building trust. Accuracy needs to be followed according to the policies and procedures. In an effort to help protect our Better Business Bureau’s A+ rating as well as ensure that every customer has a great Beachbody experience. Accuracy includes processing the customer’s order correctly, reading back to the customer their e-mail address, phone number, and address. Agent must also disclose correct pricing, S&H &…

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