Essay on Outline For Arguments On Pas And Euthanasia

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Outline for Arguments on PAS and Euthanasia
When addressing the matter of Euthanasia and PAS, “we must first acknowledge that figuring out the benefits and harms of permitting euthanasia or PAS is speculative at best” (Emanuel). As well, it is important to acknowledge the fact that, “no matter which social policy regarding euthanasia or PAS is adopted - legalization or maintaining the current policy of permitting them in individual cases - there will be both benefits and harms” (Emanuel). In this argument, it will be shown that legalizing Euthanasia and PAS within the United States, will help people, by allowing terminally ill patients to realize the end of a good death or, more accurately, a create a higher quality dying experience for them. This will be shown through the following: (1) the role of self-autonomy and liberty interest within determining death, (2) the relief of pain and suffering to dying/terminally ill patients by giving them death with dignity, and (3) the precedent set within Oregon.

Personal Autonomy
John Stuart Mill wrote in On Liberty, “Over himself, over his own body and mind, the individual is sovereign.” And in tackling the question question of morality, it is important to start here. The principal of “personal autonomy”, and how it is defined, creates a moral and legal frame for the issue. The Compassion in Dying v. State of Washington decision shows this frame. “[N]o state shall make or enforce any law which shall … deprive any person of life,…

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