Outliers The Story Of Success By Malcolm Gladwell Essay

785 Words Oct 3rd, 2016 4 Pages
In Outliers The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell, Gladwell provides various reasons for success that go beyond the well known facts of hard work and luck. He supports his hypothesis with studies performed by professors and personal thoughts based on those studies. However, many readers are dubious about these theories and therefore question them. In a review of Gladwell’s book by Michiko Kakutani, the author claims that the book is unconvincing and the reasoning used is unreliable. Although Kakutani makes reasonable arguments, she supports her claim poorly and fails to provide enough evidence to override Gladwell’s convincing facts and theories. Despite Kakutani’s reasonable arguments, she provides little to no support for her ideas. As a result, her claims that initially appear to be rational fail to have any real meaning because she does not provide any evidence. While supporting an argument against the studies Gladwell includes in his book, she states, “The reader has no idea how representative such examples are, or how reliable-or dated-any particular study might be” (Kanutani). While this is true, this does not prove that the facts are wrong or doubtful. It is known that outdated information is likely unreliable, however, providing this as the only reason to doubt Gladwell’s facts makes readers question her theories rather than Gladwell’s because it proves that she cannot provide efficient evidence for her claims. Therefore, Kakutani does not provide convincing…

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