Our World Is A Common Problem On Earth Essay

1574 Words May 3rd, 2016 7 Pages
Society ignoring the problems they create is a common problem on Earth. Whether it be knowingly ignorant or they are unaware of the problem, societies often ignore the unpleasant and focus on the beautiful. At the Paris Climate Change Conference of 2015, large countries ignored the massive problems of death, sinking, and disease on the Pacific Islands caused by their emissions. Meanwhile, in Never Let Me Go society ignores the horrible conditions they let the clones live in. The novel’s depiction of how society treats the clones educates readers on why big countries ignore the Pacific Islands because both humanity and big countries cause problems for the clones and Pacific Islanders that they cannot bear to speak of. Fossil fuels are a part of everyday life, although they cause a myriad of problems in the long run. Ever since humans began using them in the Industrial Revolution, there was no turning back. Our world runs on this power source and almost every product out today has this nonrenewable resource in it. However, if Earth and humanity does not stop utilizing it, the human species will die out. At the Paris Climate Change Conference of 2015, the average person would see representatives from countries all over the world coming together to put an end to CO2 emissions, which is the gas created from fossil fuels. Carbon dioxide is the leading gas that causes global climate change, or the unnatural heating/cooling of different areas on Earth. This could warp Earth’s…

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