Our Guest Speakers During Class Last Week Essay

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Our guest speakers in class last week were truly inspirational. It is amazing to me how someone who has had so many bad things happen to them and someone who becomes so sick from the actions of their past can climb so many obstacles standing in their way and overcome their illness. I am very thankful that they came to talk to our class and that I was able to be a part of it. Even for someone that cannot relate in any way could have gotten a good lesson about life from these incredible individuals. I do not suffer from a mental illness nor did I have as destructive of a childhood as many of them did; however, I did have it rough for a few years of my late childhood. When I was in second grade, my brother died at only four months of age. At eight years old I was faced with not only losing my only brother but also being taken out of my mother’s care. My step dad was accused of intentionally killing my brother. The autopsy showed swelling in the brain which lead doctors to believe my brother was shook. Since my step dad was the only one at home when this occurred, he was a suspected killer. Because my mother was married to this man, I was faced with the possibility of ending up in a foster home. I was allowed no contact at all with my mother which meant my grandmother was also not allowed to take me in. To avoid being out in a strangers home, my aunt stepped up and let me live with her. She had to swear she would not let me anywhere near my parents. The next few weeks were…

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