Ottoman Empire Case Study

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Ottoman Empire
It was an empire created in 1299 by Turks. Spielvogel noted that the Ottoman Empire has occupied southeastern Europe in the seventeenth century, while it has lost several piece of territory, such as Slovenia and Hungary, during its expansion to the Austrian Empire (661). It experienced the further downfall by the beginning of the 18th century. With its gradually destruction, many European countries expressed strong interests on its territory. It should be studied today because the process from flourish to decline of the Ottoman Empire told us that it was dangerous if a nation was highly self-satisfied for the victory and refused to make progress no matter in technology or ideology.

Dual Monarchy
It refers to the union of Hungary
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During her rule, the British people had a strong sense of national pride. Spielvogel noted that she was a person with a sense of responsibility and moral respect, which formed the dominant climate at that time. The era that ruled by Victoria was known as the Victoria age. It should be studied today because she was one of the most influential queens in the English history, who made great contributions in assisting the poor and supporting the charities in education and other institutions. She was the symbol of Great Britain in her old …show more content…
Spielvogel indicated that the Zollverein had promoted business and brought about prosperity to its members through removing tolls on roads and rivers of member states. It had great influence because all the states in German except Austria had joined this customs union. It should be studied today because it was the first time in the history that the independent state was succeed in creating an economic union without the establishment of a political union at the same time. It also built the foundation to the unity of Germany under the leadership of

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