Other Operational Theatres : Network Solely Through Affiliate Groups

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Other Operational Theatres Available to AQ-inspired Groups
That AQ operates solely through affiliate groups is a fact that can no longer be denied or wished away. This means that even though not much has been heard, or is being heard, from AQ itself, there is every reason to believe that the group is very much alive and very active. A careful analysis of the operational mode of AQ from way back in the early 1990s reveals that scarcely does the group carry out its operations directly. Instead, it has been committed to the recruitment of new member groups and using these groups to carry out attacks on its behalf even as the groups carry out their own agenda in the areas where they are operating (Levitt, 2013). To understand this operational mode of AQ, it is very important to first understand its main goals and what motivates it.
By now, there is no debate whatsoever regarding the motivation, inspiration, and goals of AQ. AQ’s goal lies in its fundamentalist ideology that envisions a caliphate of pure Muslim rule not just in the Middle East but also in parts of Africa (notably West and North Africa) and parts of Central Asia (Dunn, 2015). To achieve this goal, AQ has sworn to eliminate any foreign, non-Muslim influence regions, meaning that it targets all American and Israeli influence as well as any other nations influenced by or allied to Israel and the US. For AQ, therefore, the ultimate goal is to destroy non-Muslims and Muslims considered as being extremely moderate…

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