Othello : The Fallen Hero Essay

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Othello: “The Fallen Hero” It is essential that one is aware of the tragic flaws that they embody before it evolves and dominates their actual character. Although there is no evidence to suggest perfection exists, everybody possesses some sort of flaw. They must reflect on who they really are so their flaws do not take over their true character. Otherwise, this can cause a negative effects socially which can lead to ones downfall. For instance, a character could inherit a tragic flaw known as hubris which involves someone thinking they are always right or otherwise known as extreme arrogance. The negative effects could be losing friends or creating enemies. The downfall could be having little or nothing left to appreciate. There would still be time to acquire a new self knowledge, but it is usually too late. That could be an example of a tragic hero. In William Shakespeare’s Othello, the character named after this play has experienced these same events. Othello is a tragic hero because he is a highly respected general of the armies of Venice, his naïve and gullible behavior leads to his downfall, and Othello acquires a new knowledge to learn from after he suffers from his downfall. Othello is a tragic hero because he is first seen as a highly respected individual who is the leader of the armies of Venice. In the play, characters such as Cassio, Brabantio, and the Duke show appreciation for Othello. Cassio expresses his respect for Othello as the highly ranked character he…

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