Essay on Othello Study Guide Questions

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Act I
Scene i
1. Describe the sensory details of the opening scene: sights, sounds, smells, etc.
The opening scene takes place during the night in a street in Venice. Iago and Roderigo are loudly conversing with each other.
2. Why do Iago and Roderigo wake up Brabantio? Why is Brabantio angry? Why does Iago slip quietly away once Brabantio comes down?
Iago and Roderigo wake up Brabantio to spoil his happiness by telling him the Desdemona ran off with Othello. Brabantio is originally angry because he had told them not to come around him house, but is even more angry when he finds out that Desdemona is missing. Iago quietly slips away because he doesn’t want anybody to know that he isn’t loyal to Othello.
3. Explain the
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What does this show us about Iago?
Iago believes his wife cheated on him with Othello. He doesn’t care about her, and only appears to care because it will bring him personal gain.
4. How can you tell that Cassio is devoted to Othello? Does there seem to be any jealousy or disloyalty there?
Cassio turned down going to a party and getting drunk. He respects all of Othello’s decisions and takes responsibility for his own actions. There’s no indication of any jealousy or disloyalty towards Othello.
5. Describe Iago’s feelings towards women and love in general.
Iago believes women should just be housewives, and they aren’t worth much. Also, he believes that their physical characteristics are everything.
6. How does Iago manage to convince Roderigo to provoke Cassio to a fight? What is the real reason Iago wants the two to fight?
Iago tells Roderigo that Cassio loves Desdemona to provoke a fight. He really wants Roderigo and Cassio to fight so Cassio will lose his job.
7. Why does Iago say of Desdemona “Now I do love her too”?
Desdemona is the perfect pawn in his plan.
Scene ii
1. What is the mood of this scene?
The mood of scene two is happy and very positive.
2. Why the celebration? How is the celebration going to help Iago?
There is a celebration of Desdemona and Othello’s marriage and also because there is no war. The celebration will allow Iago to get Cassio drunk and fight in front of many witnesses.

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