Essay about Othello shows weak human judgement

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Othello I agree with the statement that Shakespeare’s play Othello demonstrates the weakness of human judgement. The demise of both Othello and Iago is due to each one’s weak judge of character, and poor judgement of situations. Othello falls from a position of power and nobility to a debased shadow of his former self, as a result of Iago’s cunning plans. Yet had Othello a better sense of judgement Iago’s schemes would not have worked.

One of Othello’s biggest flaws is his poor judge of character. Othello is convinced of Iago’s honesty right up to Iago’s final moments of freedom. He is a complete dupe to Iago’s plans. He immediately turns to Iago for answers when Cassio stabs Montano,
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He judges Cassio to be a trustworthy and responsible person. Cassio is aware of the fact that he does not take to alcohol very well, yet he is easily coaxed into drinking by Iago,
“I’ll do’t, but it dislikes me”

As a result of the drinking, Cassio becomes involved in an argument and fatally stabs Montano. The fact that Cassio is aware of his drinking problems but still gives in to having a drink so easily is a damning indictment on his character, and shows how some people can be easily manipulated because of their poor sense of judgement.

Jealousy is one of mankind’s greatest flaws, as shown by Othello. Jealousy consumes Othello and turns his love for Desdemona to hatred and contempt. It sends him into such blind anger that he loses all sense of rational judgement, causing him to make impetuous and impulsive decisions. Such so that he publicly disgraces Desdemona and feels content to murder her for the good of mankind,

“Yet she must die, else she’ll betray more men”

This jealousy causes Othello to act impulsively on circumstatial evidence, and results in him making fatal judgements.

Othello is not the only flawed character in the play, Iago shows pretension and poor judgement in his dealings with Emilia. Iago appears to have everyone under the influence of his schemes and is confident of his success, yet he completely overlooks his wife. He believes her to be a simple woman that will do his bidding despite how

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