Othello, By William Shakespeare Essay

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Lies More Powerful Than Those Who Speak Them
Whether in fiction or reality, words have immeasurable power. By association, lies are weapons crafted from the facts, manipulations of reality that hold a bewitching quality. This poison, no matter how carefully administered, is still deadly, and there is no greater example of this than in William Shakespeare’s Othello. Specifically, Othello is more than capable of administering the poison of lies, especially because it is in his nature to justify questionable actions and do whatever it takes to succeed. Just as Othello is a capable liar, Desdemona is the perfect victim; weakened by her strongest traits. Everything that makes Othello fall for her, ironically allows her to fall victim to him. Conjointly, intangibles that surround the lovers attest to the pitfalls of humanity that set them up for tragedy. Fundamentally, Othello bewitches Desdemona with words, failing to anticipate that the power of love and the love of power fuel the explosive actions that result in tragedy.
Primarily, Othello’s traits reveal exactly why a hero, the Moor of Venice, would see fit to bewitch the innocent Desdemona, and succeed at such a feat. Explicitly, Othello is morally grey, adopting a soldier’s mentality and letting it seep into his personal life. Othello goes so far as to call himself “An honourable murderer, if you will;/ for naught did I in hate, but all in honour” (5.2.291-2). This is an uncanny parallel to the description of a soldier,…

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