Bone Formation

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Every living creature has gone through ossification, or in other words bone formation. A different word that is also used interchangeably with ossification is osteogenesis. These words mean the beginning of bone formation (Marieb & Hoenh, 2016, p.183). From the placenta the human body begins to prepare bone tissues for the future of its development. The normal bone goes through a long process of construction. Once a child is born its bones start forming and growing until early adulthood this is called endochondral ossification. A five step example for endochondral ossification in the long bone is:
(1)First, bone cartilage forms around the diaphysis of the hyaline cartilage model. Second, cartilage in the center of the diaphysis calcifies,
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Many of the people that receive the prognosis after the diagnosis of osteoporosis feel very confident because they do not have much knowledge about the disease. Many women in, The Invisible Disease: Making Sense of an Osteoporosis Diagnosis in Older Age, say they do not believe disease would really affect their lives if they do nothing (Weston, Norris, and Clark, 2011, p.1699). The outlook for people that have been diagnosed at an early stage is good, especially if they treat it early. The patients that wait until they become more ill have a higher probability of multiple fractures (Hoang‑Kim, Schemitsch, Sale, Beaton, Warmington, Kulkarni, & Reeves, 2013, …show more content…
It started off as weak bone in the placenta became stronger in early adulthood and is becoming weak and porous as time passes. The preventions and treatment of osteoporosis are simple, but many times people are just thinking about the today. Many people just want to eat unhealthy food, be lazy, and do not think about their future. They think that it will be easy to deal with the consequences of the present in the future, but it is not like that. When the past catches up to a person, it is very likely that the person wishes they could have changed some things. It is better to start taking care of the body at a young age because it is

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