Oscar Winner And Star Of Modern Classics Like Good Morning, Vietnam And Dead Poets

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Oscar winner and star of modern classics like Good Morning, Vietnam and Dead Poets, stood Robin Williams who was an American actor and comedian who established a career in both standup comedy and film acting. He spent his life making people smile, but behind all of that was a man suffering from depression and paranoia. He was an iconic, talented and beloved figure known for his easily recognizable character that always made people laugh. He starred in 81 films and 27 TV series, two of which we all love and carry great memory with, Aladdin and Mrs. Doubtfire. Unfortunately, the only thing society has left of him is his great sense of humor and the ability to watch his films and TV shows because on August 11, 2014 in Paradise Cay, California, Robin Williams took his own life by hanging himself. Thankfully, these films and TV shows allow society to reflect back on his successful career in film acting and comedy. As we learned in one of our sociology lectures, a well-known member of local society passing away may create quite a gathering and bring the community together. It is no different when an actor, or famous person passes away. When a nationally known person dies, it becomes a huge social function. This is usually because the media gets involved, funeral rites are broadcasted on TV and/or social awareness for the cause regarding the death might be promoted. When a celebrity passes away, society is impacted and their fans are affected. Even though most of…

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