Organizational Structure Points Out How Individuals And Teamwork Are Coordinated Inside An Organization

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Organizational structure points out how individuals and teamwork are coordinated inside an organization. To reach your goals and objectives work needs to be coordinated and managed. As a manager for a professional soccer team back in Norway, organizational structures are vital for me to keep developing my business. There are mainly four aspects of structure that we use. They are centralization, formalization, hierarchical levels and departmentalization.

My organization consists of me as the president, with a vice president, then a treasurer, and then we have the coaches, trainers and then players. We also have a market department, HR department and also social media department. The social media department are in charge of everything from our website to twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The club is located in the downtown area of Oslo, Norway. We will have our stadium separate from our training facilities, which would be located, more in the outskirts of the city, but still easy accessible by train, bus or cars. Our offices will be located downtown inside our stadium. I feel that having our offices downtown will make it more accessible for people to come down and have business meetings. Since the organization is located downtown Oslo, it is a central company that will attract sponsors and players. As a result of this we will easily make connections with other organizations to promote joint goals and objectives. Centralization focuses on how decision-making is being taken…

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