Organizational Structure Of Organization Structure Essay

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Organization structures can be defined in the manner in which jobs or tasks are formally grouped, divided and coordinated for the achievement of organizational goals. The organization structure can also be considered as a perspective through which the people see their organization. Organizations have different organizational structures since they differ from each other in all sorts of aspects such environment, people, and goals. Each organization is a set of individuals who are put together into some order on the basis of particular logical relations which exist among the people in the organization (Baligh, 2006). The current business environments are changing rapidly in the 21st century; therefore the organizations should be as rapid with their changes in organizational structures. The changes in the organization structure should enable the organization to remain relevant to the constant changing trends of the market.
Effects of the Organizational Structures on its Members
The organization structure being used by an organization in most cases determines the success or failure of such organization. It is the structure that directs the competence of the work, coordination among the subordinates and top management, for the flow of the goals and plans in the firm so as to sketch the plans. It is through it that power and responsibility are allocated among the people so as to achieve the objectives of the organization (Puffer, 2004). The organizational structure…

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