Dog Den Office

Current problem - process

When the desk is overloaded with work, service personnel undertake the production of the cards.
Personnel puts the card with the name of the animal itself, and not to that of its owner. Often the handwriting of the person can not be recognized, or the card is wet, damaged, or is fully broken.
Then it becomes unusable and have to make a duplicate.
If the office manager fails to find the map of the animal for different reasons - lost, not in place, she was on the desk, but now is not there, and no one knows where it is - then must be made new.
Often office manager wants the card number by the owner, to confirm that this is his favorite.
If any of enrollment fails to appear in time manager of the office shall
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Not checking the pay and tax services, so Gloria wants to work, can retire, but worries that her daughter will have difficulties with business.

5120 BCIS
2011, FALL
Automation The Dog Den Office


This case study reveals how automated office project will look closely these concerns, the benefits of this project, as well as the rationale and recommendations of the project itself.
Also detailed will consider the objectives, measures of performance, limitations, assumptions and alternatives. All domestic operations are carried out manually in each of the offices.
Clients and services:
They receive paper cards - 5 "X 7".
The downside is that they are easily damaged, making them ineffective, thus hindering the office because you have to reprint cards and prepare a duplicate.
Another problem is the customers who make an appointment, but fail to comply with them. This is a nuisance for the governor's office and leads to an overestimation of Groomers schedules.
Pet owners buy at - various products - shampoo, powder, conditioner, protection from fleas, spray, and other
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Only one person is responsible for carrying out financial activities, and this is Gloria Swanson - old lady who is co-owner with her daughter Tina Williams.
5120 BCIS
2011, FALL
Automation The Dog Den Office
Business plan in the event that Gloria is sick or dies because of serious and age. alternative solutions.
Alternative solutions to solve business problems at this time may be a few.
For example, if the owners decide that the capital investment for the automated system is not rational, one way could save the cost of cards instead of paper, can be made of plastic ones. They can be used tracking small boxes - one for day and one - for complete service.
This is a decision that could locate in the archives as no longer to write by hand, and everything will be printed and the information will be read - easy.
Any such alternative could prevent stressful situations at work.
Automated business and web - based solutions lead to comfort and - better organization not only for office - manager, but for all personnel and for - good customer service.
Yet creating a website is not an alternative solution for this

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