Organizational Structure Change And Organizational Change Essay

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This assignment is talking about the organizational structure change, how the leadership has been changed and what the organizational structure will be like in the next five years. The organizational structure change because of the business environmental change, such as the merging, globalization, technology change and so on. And the leadership become more professional and need to learn how to lead more efficient. While the organizational structure flatten become a trend, what does the leader need to learn to lead the new model working.
1: The causes of/reasons for organizational structure change
Organizational change is the movement of an organization from one state of affairs to another. Organizational change can take many forms. It may involve a change in a company’s structure, strategy, policies, procedures, technology, or culture. The change may be planned years in advance or may be forced upon an organization because of a shift in the environment. Organizational change can be radical and alter the way an organization operates, or it may be incremental and slowly change the way things are done. In any case, regardless of the type, change involves letting go of the old ways in which work is done and adjusting to the new ways. Therefore, fundamentally, it is a process that involves effective people management.
Acquiring or merging with another company has a profound effect on organizational structure, the repetitive department or function can…

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