Organizational Model Effectiveness Essay

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Individual: Organizational Model Effectiveness

Patton-Fuller Community Hospital is a virtual healthcare organization that provides hospital services for a community. The organization consists of your usual staff such as doctors, nurses, CNAs, and your support and ancillary personnel. The current organizational structure in place constitutes of variety of directors, executive officers, and the like. For being a community hospital, there are a lot more supervisory and executive roles than there needs to be for a small hospital. A community hospital is defined as a small business entity that provides general practice services to the surrounding community that has a small population (Primrose, 1998). After carefully
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Since hospitals are generally specialized departments that operate independently within the same building, provide a service to the community, and are not entirely bureaucratic in nature, the matrix structure, again, would be more befitting. The matrix organizational structure would also allow for the communication between the various departments to be more fluid like rather than be impeded with the “red-tape” of bureaucracy. It also allows for the departments to focus on their specialization rather than be efficient at a variety of tasks (Guzman, 2012). Kelsey Elementary School is a school that is located in the city of Kelsey. It is a public school that teaches grades kindergarten through fifth grade. There are three teachers per each grade except for kindergarten and second grade. In addition to the kindergarten and second grade classes, there are also three teacher’s aides to allow for more one-on-one time with each student. Kelsey Elementary School also boasts a newly remodeled computer room, a choir room, and media center. The school also encourages extracurricular activities such as orchestra, chorus, chess club, and student council. If the students desire to express their skills, there are also sponsored activities such as spelling bees, academic competitions, science fairs, and musical presentations. After reviewing the organizational structure of the schools, which consists of the Kelsey

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