Organizational Management And Leadership : A Network Structure

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Network Structure Definition: Satterlee (2013), states that “a network structure is a central organization that works together with association independent companies, as if they were a single operation” (p. 82). Satterlee, A. (2013). Organizational Management & Leadership: A Christian Perspective. Raleigh, NC: Synergistics International. p.82
Allan Affuah did an extensive work on network structures and eventually produced a blueprint called, Are Network Really about Size? The Role of Structure and Conduct. Allan Affuah is an experienced educationist who has a degree in Human Resource Management and Systems Organization. His work on the network structure is therefore important in highlighting some of the misconceptions that should not be made by people in organizations. Allan (2013), emphatically clarifies that it is not the size of the network that matters but the number of people that it connects in the process of being used (Nam, 2014). He gives an example of email use where he states that the services that an email software provides can be extended to the number of people that a person can connect with in the process of sending a message. Sending a message in an efficient way is therefore not an end in itself but the number of people that one connects to using the existing network structure in an organization that matters. Allan (2013) also clarifies that “the benefit that a consumer receives from a product is also closely…

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