Organizational Leadership Walden University Mspm6110-1 Essay

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Multiculturalism and the Project Manager

Dr. Sleeda Grantum
Don C. Johnson
Walden University
Organizational Leadership (6110-1)
Spring-Session B January 27, 2012

The Project Manager is at the centre of everything relating to the project; controlling the contributions of stakeholders, clients, and project team members is just as important as managing the work of the team (Stadtmiller, 2004). The project manager's skills are essential from the beginning of the project; because the project manager provides direction and pulls together each aspect of the project. A project manager must understand human factors as well as the scope and components
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Ideally, as the PMI I am on board leading the project from step one: Gathering information. An important aspect of the role of management is leadership. Leadership and management must go hand in hand, but are distinctively different. All managers have a leadership role, but the two roles are distinctively different. As a leader it is imperative for me to build excellence within my organizational guidelines by being all that I can be. Project team members need their managers not only to assign tasks but to define the project’s purpose. Utilizing concurrent engineering strategies and methods to improve traditional methods in project management, I complete project specification, consider manufacturing, quality, client utilization, field service and disposal issues, organize a project team from all affected departments, promote innovation within the project and project team members, empower them and provide incentives for project team members to encourage and promote their success. In short, as a manager I strive to achieve predefined goals through my resources (other people) in contrast as a leader my goal is to project a vision based on those predefined goals by influencing a group of people (clients, stakeholders, and project team members) towards the achievement of that vision and set of predefined goals.
Diversity, multiculturalism, and high stressors within organizations necessitate the need for PMs/Leaders to possess a sophisticated skill set of

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