Organizational Development : Apple Inc. Essay

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Apple Inc. operates in a market that is growing thereby making growth in its output relatively an easier task to achieve. As mentioned earlier, organizational development is a process through which behavioral practices and knowledge are applied in aiding an organization to attain greater effectiveness that includes improved life, the increment in productivity, and improved services and product qualities. In most cases, organizational development focuses on improving the organization’s ability in handling and solving problems that may arise as it carries its operations. The major objective of organizational development is to enable the company to cope up with the competitive environment. Development entails effective planning and changes in information, knowledge, culture, attitude, human relationship, and technology. The activities of organizational development are to set up goals and plan on how to achieve them. Upon consideration of the entire concept of organizational development, it is clear that it involves a process. Therefore, Apple Inc. should clearly apply the following process in improving their operational effectiveness.
Organizational Development Process Diagnosis
Diagnosis involves collection and analysis of data. Apple Inc. should start the organizational development process by collecting data using both quantitative and qualitative methods. According to Creswell (2003), the data should be collected from the relevant stakeholders so as to ascertain the real…

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