Organizational Culture And Organizational Environment Essay

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It has been proven time and time again that organizational culture has an effect on the overall behavior of workers in an organization. With this in mind, it is important to explore the ways in which motivation impacts organizational culture and in turn produces better results. One obvious, but still challenging way, to develop a strong organizational culture is to instill a belief system amongst employees. According to Prabhjot Kaur Mahal in "Organizational Culture and Organizational Climate as Determinant of Motivation," "constructive cultures are characterized by organizational norms of achievement and motivation, individualism and self-actualization, and being humanistic and supportive. It encourages interactions with people and approaches to tasks that will enable staff to meet their higher-order satisfaction needs" (Mahal, 2009). By establishing an environment that teaches workers to show initiative but also be supportive of those around them, an organization can create an environment that fosters motivation.
Constructive cultures promote motivation and productivity, whereas defensive cultures can lead to sluggishness. In Mahal 's same study, he claims that defensive cultures "are characterized by seeking approval and consensus, being conventional and conforming, and being dependent and subservient. Defensive cultures encourage or implicitly require interaction with people in ways that will not threaten personal security" (Mahal, 2009). Creating a constructive…

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