Essay about Organizational Culture And Corporate Culture Change

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Gaylord Palms
Organizational cultures encompass values and behaviors of the corporations’ members, employees, contributing to the social and psychological environment of an organization. Corporate culture, a system of assumptions, values, and beliefs, influence the strategic leadership and the organization’s employees in how they work together, the existing values, and job performance (McNamara 2000). Shared ideologies and values incorporate an organizational culture visible by the strategic leadership but implemented largely by the organization’s employees or members (Fernandes 2009). One measure of excellence in strategic leadership continues to be the ability to implement change in an organization while promoting corporate culture change. Research provides corporations with information exhibiting that an organizational culture alters an organization’s outcomes; therefore it is imperative for strategic leadership to promote effective performance via excellence in managing the culture (Glynn et al. 2013). Gaylord Palms (GP), a convention destination hotel in Orlando, Florida, promotes excellence by means of a developed and implemented service culture producing superiority in customer service. The effectiveness of the organizational culture of Gaylord Palms is examined in the meaning to the members, employees, the organizational control, and the success or failure of the strategic choices.
Member Meaning
Effective strategic leaders equipped with multiple tools,…

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